Pro Street Ashcroft Edmonton Ashcroft Medicine Hat Edmonton Mission
Qualified 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
1st Runner Up 1st Runner Up 1st 1st

For 2007, EB Speed enlisted the help of Richard Peppler, owner of RCC Turbo's. Richard made us a one off billet Ultra water to air intercooled plenum. Thi would allow us to run big boost without creating harmful detonating heat. Several other upgrades were made to our 2006 GSX-R1000 including new bodywork from Catalyst Racing Composites. The season started off on the right foot, with a win at the opening event. Next up was Edmonton, we ran strong, posting a best E.T of 8.65 and top MPH of 172. But we failed to post a win, the bike crept in the staging beams, and tripped off a deep stage, resulting in a red light! We went back to Ashcroft, this time the track was open for a 1/4 mile event. The bike ran strong and showed the power we had lurking under the tank, posting a 8.27 @ 174 Mph. This was over 3 tenths of a second faster than I'd ever been, and a new CMDRA record to boot! Next stop was Medicine Hat. It was extremely hot, temps in the upper 90's hurt hp, and made the track a bit slippery. We qualified with a strong 8.33 @ 173 Mph, showing that our 8.2 run of a few weeks was no fluke. We went to the finals of that event, but I bogged the bike leaving the line. My competitor, Dan Green, in the other lane, cruised to victory. Early August had the CMDRA back at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton AB. As on of Canada's premier tracks, if the weather is on your side, you can make some incredible runs. We did just that, qualifying with a incredible 8.06 @ 181 Mph! This run put us ever so close to that elusive 7 second zone. Also our first time running in the 180+ MPH range. All this with much more power left if we needed it. We were finally starting to get a handle on the clutch setup, these turbo 1000's are VERY sensitive to clutch adjustments. Our last stop on the CMDRA schedule put us back in Mission B.C. The track is very good, smooth and almost sea level. Team EB Speed went down a day early to get some testing in, and it helped, but we weren;t making the right changes. We posted some good low 8's on Friday, but we wanted to put up a 7. Saturday's qualifying was the same, we ran an 8.09 @ 185 but the bike was hit and miss, often bogging at the line. Sunday's finals had us lined up against Dan Green on his nitrous GSX-R1000. I left the line o.k, then the bike bogged about 30 ft. out, giving Dan a huge lead. Then around mid track, Dan had trouble shifting, and we drove by to take the win. Not a great way to end our CMDRA season, but a win is a win.

Other great highlights of 2007 were our trip to the Canadian Fastest Streetbike Shootout and our 7 second pass at a late season test in Edmonton.

Street E.T. Ashcroft Edmonton Ashcroft Medicine Hat Edmonton Mission
Qualified 3rd 7th 5th 2nd 1st 5th
Result 2st 2nd round 1st 1st Runner Up 2nd round

Our 2007 Street E.T. program is based on running near a nearly stock demo 2007 GSX-R1000 and bracket racing it. We bolted on the usual stuff, Brock/Hindle Street Meg pipe, PCIII, lowering brackets, Brock's clutch mod, gearing and some VP MR9 race gas. With tuning by James Carlin at Walt Healy Motorsports, this bike made in excess of 178 RWHP! All without taking the valve cover off. In the Street E.T. class you need to be very consistent, there are so many entries (sometimes 30+) in order to stay in the Championship hunt. We managed to do just that, qualifying well at every event, and posting 3 wins as well as one runner up. Since it is bracket racing, we set the bike up to be consistent not all out fast. We were typically dialing in anywhere from a 9.8 down to a 9.6 depending on track conditions and elevation. Our best time this season was a bit slower that I would have liked, 9.51 @ 152 mph. Keep in mid this is still stock wheelbase, foot shifting, 3" ground clearence and no trick parts as this bike went back to Suzuki once our season was over. I think with a little more seat time, and a proper steering dampner, we could have better'd my time on a similarly prepped 2006 model of 9.44.