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Looking for performance related parts for your sportbike, or more specifically drag race oriented items such as airshifters, swingarms, clutch mods, turbo systems and nitrous oxide. Here at EB Speed, we specialize in the development of race winning Pro Street racebikes. Our focus is the 01-08 GSXR-R1000, but we have lots of experience with other platforms such as Hayabusa's and ZX14's. Unlike the other guys, we have proved our knowledge on a racetrack by putting our motors, parts and tuning to the ultimate test every weekend. 13 National Championships and countless records be the judge!

Below is the new EB-1K prototype turbo kit. The finest materials, hand crafted to the highest standards. CNC header flange to eliminate warpage, industry first CNC merge collector for optimum flow. This kit makes over 500 RWHP day in day out!

Custom Penkse Racing Shocks or fork kits available. We use Penske triple adjustable with remote resivoir on our record setting turbocharged GSX-R1000 "Eleanor"

Custom JRI Drag Shock built to exact specifications to each rider starting at $750 and up.


Interested in a 2.2lb battery that will actually last and crank over your bike year after year then look no further than Earth X Lithium Batteries. EarthX has patent pending technology that makes it the most advanced lithium battery; the highest cranking amp cells; and the only one with a built-in Battery Management Sysytem for performance, safety and longevity! This is not an upgrade or optional feature but a REQUIREMENT for a lithium battery to operate correctly!

These are IN STOCK and start at a mere $250 + shipping for most streetbikes!


Ethan Barkley worked closely with the developers at EnergyCoil to assist in the creation of the finest aftermarket high output "stick" coil for the motosports industry. Be sure to enter the promo code "ebspeed" at checkout to save up to 10% off your puchase!


EB Speed is a leading STOCKING dealer of Brock's Performance Parts. Brock's makes quality components that we use on the record setting bracket Hayabusa Snow White and the Pro Street GSXR Eleanor.

EB Speed is a leading dealer for DME Swingarms, each arm and chassis component built to suit your specific needs.


EB Speed is a leading dealer for RCC Turbos products for Suzuki Hayabusa.

EB Speed spec custom fuel systems.


EB Speed spec rods and pistons for the GSXR 1000. Torture tested in Bonneville and the dragstrip.