A tough weekend at

The Badland's Nationals

Coming off the strong performance at the IHRA event just one week prior, Ethan had high hopes when he arrived at the MHDRA dragstip in Medicine Hat for The Badland's Nationals. As luck would have it the weekend wasn't going to be one that would want to remember. Extremely hot temperatures made for a greasy track, and Ethan's turbo GSX-R1000 is traction dependant at the best of times. Saturday Qualifying wasn't very good, with Ethan coming in second less than a tenth of a second back of first by posting a decent 7.7 / 189. The track was particularly bad at the start line, but there as some grip mid track and beyond. So Ethan decided to make some bold moves, shorten the wheelbase in an effort to get some much needed rear grip. It helped but not enough and he wasn't able to keep the back tire hooked up in Sunday's final round and suffered a loss.


High resolution images available upon request.


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