New Speed Record!

Ethan Barkley was on hand at the IHRA Rocky Mountain Nitro Jam at Castrol Raceway presented by Parts Canada. It was an amazing event with thousands of spectators on hand, amazing weather and a really well prepared racing surface. Ethan arrived at the track only a few days after leaving the U.K. Even though he was a little jet lagged, that didn't stop him from coming out of the gate strong. The first pass right off the trailer was a solid 7.7 at 185+ mph and the times and speed just kept improving as the weekend wore on. By the end of the event Ethan had one of his quickest passes on Canadian soil with a 7.42 second elapsed time. If that wasn't enough he set a new personal best speed in the 1/4 mile of 197.10 MPH! The 200MPH barrier is right around the corner...

High resolution images available upon request.


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